First Complete Migration Tool for Rich Text Area

First Complete Migration Tool for Rich Text Area

Hey Guys,

Here in this post, I proudly present a tool RTA Image Migration that will take away all your pain while migrating Rich Text area content from one org to another especially images as these need to be migrated manually.

This tool works on integration and can be actually setup between any two orgs. It migrate Rich Text area content along with all styles and images to another org without much steps. All we need to do is set configurations initailly and everything will work.

Important point to be noted here that it works on principle of upsert so we need to create two extra fields that too external id fields both on source & target orgs for mapping. This is designed this way as it runs on all records of an object everytime so it should update existing records and create new ones.

Official Video

PS: This is very initial version of this tool with many limitations and needs lot of improvement. We request everyone to try this and give us feedback to improve it for everyone.

Check it out on AppExchange for more specifics!


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