Launching liveagent in same window using iframe

LiveAgent Apr 30, 2015

LiveAgent has become one of most powerful support channel for companies as it gives real time support to their customers thus making them really happy at the end.

Generally, we saw on websites, a button on right bottom side of page which initiates a chat with representative/agent and chat starts on same page itself without going to any another page. In this post, I will tell you how to launch liveagent for salesforce on same page without changing any window.

As general steps, we do following things to setup LiveAgent in salesforce:

  1. Enable LiveAgent & give licences to users.

  2. Create appropriate skills, buttons & deployment code for your website.

  3. Create a VF page with button code & deployment code.

Below is changes we need to do in page to launch live chat into an iframe:

we changed startChat method with startChatWithWindow. startChatWithWindow asks for extra parameter for window name in which liveagent needs to be launched.

Next, we created an iframe with desired size & a name and this name needs to be passed into startChatWithWindow.

That's it, Click on chat button to chat with agent.


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