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Utilities Feb 15, 2017

Hi Guys,

I am creating a library for all custom lightning components like small utilities that we build on our day to day basis to ease up development. I have build few utilities while working on my previous projects. These are mentioned below:

  1. Notification : Used for displaying notifications like alert, popup. Go to this link for usage.
  2. Svg : Used for displaying svg icons on components. Link for usage
  3. Spinner : A spinner in lightining design system style to be displayed. It has an extra feature to show some specific text as well while loading. Link for usage.
  4. LookupSobject : A lightining component that can be used as a lookup on components allowing users to search any record on basis of search text. Link for usage.

If anyone is interested to get these components, they can be found in Lightning-Utilities github repo or install it directly from Lightning Utilities.

If anyone is interested to expand this library, Please feel free to do that. Just create a new branch to this github repo and push it to remote or you can directly send me an email at


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