Spring'18 is here - Development Changes

Salesforce Mar 3, 2018

In this post, I am going to list down few major changes in development category within Salesforce


Remove Instance Names from URLs for Visualforce, Community Builder, Site.com Studio, and Content Files (Critical Update)

Here are two examples:

mydomain--c.visualforce.com replaces mydomain--c.na1.visual.force.com
mydomain--c.documentforce.com replaces mydomain--c.na1.content.force.com

New instance names


Custom Metadata Type

Employ Validation Rule Formulas with Custom Metadata Types (Pilot)

If you use validation rules, you know how helpful they can be, but you have to hard code some of the values. Now you can store values you previously had to hard code in custom metadata types and reference them in your validation rules.



REST API - New Resource: Fewer Round-Trips with SObject Collections

REST API includes a new composite resource, SObject Collections. REST API composite resources improve your application’s performance by minimizing the number of round-trips between the client and server.

Use a POST request to add up to 200 records or a PATCH request to update up to 200 records, returning a list of SaveResult objects. You can choose to roll back the entire request if there are errors.

If the request body includes objects of more than one type, they are processed as chunks. For example, if the incoming objects are {account1, account2, contact1, account3}, the request is processed in three chunks: {{account1, account2}, {contact1}, {account3}}. A single request can process up to 10 chunks.


Use a GET request to retrieve one or more records of the same object type, specified by ID. You can specify approximately 800 IDs before the URL length causes the HTTP 414 error URI too long to be returned.


Use a DELETE request to delete to up 200 records, specified by ID, returning a list of DeleteResult objects. The objects in a DELETE request can belong to more than one object type. You can choose to roll back the entire request if there are errors.


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