About Me

Saleforce architect by profession but I like to work with various technologies.I blog about Architecture, Force.com, Mobile Apps, Angular, JavaScript in general. I am a Salesforce, Angular & NodeJS fan.


I am a currently employed at makepositive specializing in all kind of Salesforce.com projects. I love to read about Salesforce Architecture and design cross platform solutions around Salesforce. I am a certified Salesforce System & Application Architect.

Previous Experience

I started my career with HCL in 2011 as a Salesforce Tier-2 engineer where I learned all basic stuff of Salesforce.

Some Achievements

Playground - Founder of Playground which is one of its kind application to upload and share solutions on cloud within Salesforce ecosystem

RTA Image Migration Tool - First migration tool that allows migration of Rich Text Area content along with styles & images to another orgs.

ANY-JSON2HTML - First library that converts any json/array structure into beautiful tables.

Open Source Libraries

  1. Klout_V2--Integration-in-Apex - A sample project that integrates Salesforce with Klout APIs.

  2. Live-Agent---Custom-Chat-Window-with-Agent-s-Image - A sample project that allows to create custom chat window displaying agent & visitor image.

  3. ProfileImageUpload-AngularJS - A Demo app that uses libraries to allow upload/crop images in mobile web app.

  4. Video-Player-Embedded-in-VF-pafe - A sample VF page that uses a library or standard HTML features to embed vidoes.

Youtube Videos

Checkout all my blog videos & product demos here. Few of them are below:

  1. RTA Migration Demo

  2. File Upload Feature IOS + PhoneGap

  3. File Upload Feature Android clip + PhoneGap

  4. Video Player Embeded in VF