Image upload/editing library for AngularJS - WebApp

JavaScript Apr 20, 2015

Hey All,

In this post, I would like to share one more library that can be used along with AngularJS to upload images on a Web App. The name of library is ngImgCrop. It is very simple, easy to use and gives us ability to crop images on fly before uploading. I spent some time finding this suitable libraray that work on deskstop as well as mobile browsers properly.

Also, I want to share one more library that I used along with ngImgCrop named blueimp-load-image. This is to fix issues with some images that don't have proper orientations. It basically extracts exif information and fixes orientation issues in my case.

You can test the demo app here.

Note: Just click on image icon to change it.

Below are some screenshots:

For full code, Visit github repo here

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