About Me

Saleforce developer by profession but I like to work with various technologies.I blog about Force.com, Hybrid Apps, PhoneGap, AngularJS, BackboneJS, JavaScript in general. I am Angular & NodeJS fan.

I started my career with HCL in 2011 as a Salesforce Tier-2 engineer where I learned all basic stuff of Salesforce.

I am a Technical consultant at makepositive specializing in Force.com & mobile apps.I worked on every type of Salesforce.com projects including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud. My favourite concepts are live agent and SSO and love to explore new features on them as well as force.com platform. I am a certified Salesforce Advanced Adminstrator & Advanced Developer.

Open Source Libraries

  1. Klout_V2--Integration-in-Apex - A sample project that integrates Salesforce with Klout APIs.

  2. Live-Agent---Custom-Chat-Window-with-Agent-s-Image - A sample project that allows to create custom chat window displaying agent & visitor image.

  3. ProfileImageUpload-AngularJS - A Demo app that uses libraries to allow upload/crop images in mobile web app.

  4. Video-Player-Embedded-in-VF-pafe - A sample VF page that uses a library or standard HTML features to embed vidoes.


RTA Image Migration Tool - First migration tool that allows migration of Rich Text Area content along with styles & images to another orgs.

ANY-JSON2HTML - First library that converts any json/array structure into beautiful tables.

Youtube Videos

Checkout all my blog videos & product demos here. Few of them are below:

  1. RTA Migration Demo

  2. File Upload Feature IOS + PhoneGap

  3. File Upload Feature Android clip + PhoneGap

  4. Video Player Embeded in VF