Winter' 16 is Here : A New, Modern, Intelligent User Experience

Lightning Sep 4, 2015

Yes, Winter' 16 is here and this time salesforce mostly focussed on lauching their new & intelligent UI with Lightning hence making good user experience. It does not support everything right now hence there is an option to go back to Salesforce Classic UI. By going through different objects, you will see that it jumps to classic view automatically for non supportive objects/feature.

UI is cool & easy to use though it will take some time to get used to it. Below are some screenshots for this:

Enable Lightning UI

You just need to enable it from a Quick link 'Lightning Experience' in Sidebar:

Quick Link

Open new Lightning UI

A beautiful loading page will open when you open Lightning UI through link under your name.

Switch to Lightning

Loading Page

Loading Page


A home page will load with some dashboards & assistant with cool tabs at the left.

Apps Menu

App menu

Account Pages

Pages(Account page in this example) will look like below:

Account details

Account Edit



Global Search

Global Search

Layout Editor


Layout editor

Help for any page

Help Page



Object Manager

Salesforce removes all elements releated to standard objects from sidebar and added them to Object Manager which will take care of all layouts, fields, recordTypes etc. for all standard & custom objects.

Object Manager

Going back to Salesforce Classic

Salesforce Classic

To know more about lightning experience/UI, go through Winter' 16 release notes.

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