SLDS Dynamic Lookup Component

DynamicLookupComponent Jun 17, 2016

Hi All,

I have come up with a new feature(a VF component) that can really help you to save your time while working with Salesforce Lightning Design System(SLDS).

As you all know, lot of people are migrating towards SLDS and want their pages to match lightning experience making them more reponsive & beautiful. A very basic or simple use case would be to create a form that asks for some basic information.

While working on same requirement, I came across a scenario wherein I needed a lookup field for user. I checked the SLDS documentation, gathered all relevant information and built a page. The problem with SLDS documentation is that it only gives raw HTML & CSS and We need to build whole JS logic to accomplish that requirement.

Later while working on something similar, I realised that I should have something that should be used easily like plug n play. So I created a component SLDS Dynamic Lookup Component that can be used on VF pages.


  1. Easy plug n play.
  2. Can run on every object by passing it to component.
  3. Supports multiple lookups on a singlenpage without conflict.
  4. Support photos to be included along with results.


To know its installation & usage instruction, Please visit this code link

To get a raw version of this repo, go to this link

Happy Coding!