Welcome To Playground

Welcome To Playground

Hello All,

Today I am very proud while writing this post to introduce one of my best applications that I was working on recently. This is something I built for the community to pay back my gratitude for all these years of help & support and many more years to come.

Without further wasting time, I would like to present my application Playground, one of firsts Salesforce playground to store solutions that you love or reuse more often.

To make it more fun, it is an open community where you can upload & share your solutions simultaneously so that it can help others as well. Not only this, you get so many things out of the box which we used to think while copying the code from any other forums.

Some of the Highlights:

  1. Specifically designed for Salesforce
  2. Store your solutions at one place or mark some of them your favorites to visit them again
  3. Provides instant deployment so deploy with one click
  4. Upload solutions instantly with few clicks.
  5. Anyone can use it. No need for developer backgrounds anymore.


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What is Playground?

Playground Terminology

Whom it will benefit?

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Lakshay Katney

Saleforce developer by profession but I like to work with various technologies.I blog about Force.com, Hybrid Apps, PhoneGap, AngularJS, BackboneJS, JavaScript in general. I am Angular & NodeJS fan.

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